Virtually all of those who have chosen are thrilled with the support and service they have received. Here are some unsolicited comments sent to our support team for their hard work.

Sounds great! You guys are one heck of a team!

I certainly can't complain about the great support we're getting Randy! If you need a testimonial from us after we get settled with SimplicityHosting then let us know. We'll be happy to provide one.

Your High-Technology Low Cost Solution Providers,

Thanks again for your great support!




Thank you for taking the time to check on this. You guys are right on top of things. I had asked for the credit on our bill so you wouldn't have to process a return of the $42.00. I was trying to make it easier for you but you guys went the extra mile for us again and credited it back immediately.

We're all set now. Thanks for your efforts. Please thank Cube for me. I"ve learned alot from his great trouble shooting and the great explanations he provides.

Thanks to all of you. We'll have even more clients soon. Just picked up another one this evening with 5 more to touch base with in the first 2 weeks of January.

2003 will be the best year yet for all of us.

Achieve Greatness,


Fantastic Randy.

I'm now "live" thanks to your great support.

Many thanks.


Thanks, one last question
How can Received show the when it sorts by time it's mixing up days...wuz up

Com'on kiggy' you guys are great, I am very happy with my hosting co.!


Anyway, certainly do appreciate yours and Randy's excellent service. I look forward to a LONG and prosperous relationship with you... and hope you don't mind my picking your brain at times about different things. That WHOIS gizmo you put together has been a terrific help as well.

And yes, the cron should run at 0100... :-)

Thanks again,


You guys are excellent, works perfectly! I liked the simplicity of the script you guys gave me, thank you so much! I had to make sure I got all the kinks worked out in the site before I started hunting clients, but I should be starting soon so I hope I can provide you with new business to help you as much as you have helped me!


I will continue to refer customers to you, because you do have good prices on hosting and excellent support. For the majority out there, your services are the best around.

Anyway, take care and thanks again!


I've had numerous domains on a Simplicity Hosting Webjet
for one year and been totally impressed with the prompt,
always helpful and friendly response of tech support.
Lightning fast servers, great control panel that I can
brand for my customers, solid affiliate program, what more
could you want in a webhost? I recommend them highly and
without reservation.


Hey Guys,

Kudos for the pricing and support at Our dedicated server is a great value and reliable, a rare combo. With its robust FreeBSD and the control panel provided by running our sites is a breeze. Keep up the great work!

Best regards,

Pascale - A division of

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